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Tips For Packaging Your Package Correctly

Sending off a package through the mail or through a delivery service can be a little unnerving.  Once the package leaves our hands and gets onto the truck there is no telling where it will go and in what condition it will arrive when it gets there.  Using a same day courier pennsylvania may help in getting your package to its destination in one piece, however this is no guarantee.  Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to ensure your package arrives safely.

Use the right sized box

Many people will pick a random box to place their items in.  This can be a box that held a similar item or something totally random.  When picking the right sized box, you are limiting the extra space that you will need to worry about.  When we have extra space, the object can move which increases the likelihood of getting broken.

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Place at a good angle

When putting your items into the box make sure that they go in the right angle.  If at all possible try having your item stand straight up instead of at an angle.  When at an angle we are putting more stress and strain on some of the components.

Address your labels clearly

Address your labels clearly.  Check your spelling and numbers.  Having a number that looks like a 3 but should be an 8 will make a huge difference with it getting to its location.  When possible try to type your address and put it in the center of the box.  You also want to have your return address on everything you ship out just in case it needs to come back to you.

Taking the time and effort to ensure that your packages are clean, well-marked and don’t have any confusing on them, then it is simply a matter of getting your package into the hands of your delivery driver and off to your destination.