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How to Remember Your Trip to the Windy City Forever

Chicago is a city that has thousands of tourists visit every year. They come to see all of the sights, landmarks, and attractions that make the Windy City what it is today. There is no shortage of fun in Chicago, whether you’ll stay in the city for a day, a week, or more. But, going back home can be a bit disappointing. Luckily there are awesome ways to remember your trip to Chicago for the rest of your life -and bring home special stories to share with your closest friends, family, and of course, social media, too.

Make sure you have a backup charger available for your phone or an actual camera on hand when visiting Chicago. You’ll want to snap shots of things that you never imagined you’d want to see. It is these snapshots that you’ll post to social media to show off to everyone and of course bring back home to frame, too. Make sure you are ready for the moment when it calls because it may not happen a second time.

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Nothing says Chicago better than a Chicago-style hotdog on the poppy seed bun complete with sauerkraut, onions, tomatoes, and more. Be sure to take part in this tradition and stop by a hot dog cart in town or visit one of the awesome restaurants catering to this specialty.  No one else will know, but it is a special taste that won’t soon leave your heart.

Of course you can also visit the gift shop chicago to snag souvenirs and t-shirts from the Windy City to take home with you. There is an endless list of items available at the gift shop, all of which have a Chicago theme and logo and style. You’ll want to show off these items when you return back home.