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The History of Money

Money has become a great thing in today’s culture, with everyone and everything driven by it. However, it’s had quite a rocky road to get where it is now. The first system of exchange was bartering, where people would trade goods and services to one another, such as three cows for a bride or an oxen for six bushels of grain.

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Trade was the norm of the ancient world, until 600 BC when King Alyattes of Lydia began printing his own currency that soon was shaped into coins that had insignias on them. These coins were made from gold and silver, and only increased trade as the rest of the world adopted the standard currency. Eventually, this currency changed into the Florin, and then into paper money.

Since paper money was easily made, nations turned to that instead of the gold and silver coins, leaving them for the people who had collection coins arkansas. Paper money flourished and it became the norm for quite a while until a man named John Biggins invented the first credit card, then that caught on.

Now we have virtual money as well as physical money, the ability to pay with our smartphones, and ways to send and receive money from all around the world without too much trouble. With the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, it is clear that money’s evolution isn’t going to end anytime soon. Bartering is even starting to make a comeback in the digital age between both businesses and individuals.

 It’ll be interesting to see how money evolves next, and the type of problems and solutions the new changes bring. Who knows, maybe someday a collector will be collecting paper money and credit cards as artifacts of the old age of currency. Only time will tell if that prediction comes true.